2.1 Million Subscribers: When all are together

Asaduzzaman Shaan:

Coronavirus is affecting everyone and everything across the globe right now, including YouTube. But youtubers are making different types of contents through it.

We’re all feeling a bit on edge lately as we practice social distancing and stay indoors. If you’re feeling at a loss for what to do, or just a bit antsy hanging around your house all day, take some time to unwind with the soothing tones of a Bangladeshi youtubers contents. There are many Bangladeshi YouTubers who make content focused on daily calm living and have millions of subscribers.

Recently Autanu Jobayer, Rs Fahim Chowdhury, Mohammad Ridoy, Nur Nobi, Solaiman Swiim, Pranto Ahmed Prantiq, Manzia Fimu, Tahmid Samin, Ashikur Rahman Tushar are found on a picture somewhere in Bangladesh called “The Eatalia”. Where the caption was “2.1 Million Subscribers: When all are together”.

To get more uptade go and visit their channel on yoube and support them. And make sure that you subscribed their channel.

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