‘I was so fat,’ says Boris Johnson, starting in the UK to tackle obesity

In a video shared on his official Twitter page, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed that when he was taken on intensive care earlier this year after being diagnosed with Covid-19, he was “completely overweight.”

“For years and months, I just had to lose weight,” he said in the clip released Monday. “A lot of women, I ‘m dealing with my weight.”

Johnson states in the video that after he recovers from the infection, he starts to exercise every day with his puppy, Dilyn, and speaks effusively about the personal advantages of reducing weight as well as the social benefits of maintaining the National Health Service ( NHS) in Britain.

The video was published amid the announcement of a campaign by the UK government to reduce the country’s obesity levels. Sixty-three per cent of americans, according to federal estimates, are over what should be called a reasonable weight, with around half of those individuals being obese.

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