Cox’s Bazar Tight security along the longest beach to avoid the crowds

Jafor Alam,Cox’s Bazar,
Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest beach.This time the idols of Cox’s Bazar city are separated at Labani Point on Cox’s Bazar beach.This time there is no forgetfulness.There was no game of scattering colors and setting off fireworks.In Corona, this time Max was put on the face and sanitizer was applied in the hand.Members of the Puja Bari Mondir came to the beach to pay their respects to their mother.Monday (October 26) at noon following all the rules and regulations the idol was carried on the shoulders of the devotees to Labani Point for immersion.The idol was abandoned on the long beach of the world without procession. No official ceremony was held there.This time only idols of Ramu, Ukhiya Sadar Upazila and Cox’s Bazar City were offered on the beach. The rest abandoned idols in their respective upazilas.Volunteers from the district police, DB police, members of the tourist police, fire service force and the district puja celebration council were responsible for the abandonment of the idol.In addition, several temporary observation towers were built on the beach at the initiative of the tourist police.The security of the entire beach is monitored from those towers.All in all, the idol abandonment of the entire Cox’s Bazar district on the beach has faded a lot this time.The beach points were under tight administrative security by law enforcement. All in all, for five days in a row, Mrinmayi has returned from Mandpe today in the presence of her husband Shiva in Kailash. Leaving Kailash far away, mother came to her father’s house on a cradle.Today, on Monday, Vijaya Dashmi said goodbye on horseback.

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