The transformation of Baharchara Land Office into a people-friendly office can be a unique example across the country

Jafor Alam, Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Upazila Baharchara Union Land Office has changed the pattern of service delivery of land office. And this has brought dynamism to work.
Since Baharchara Land Deputy Assistant Officer Abdul Jabbar joined the office,he has decorated the inside and outside of the office with public mobilization.At every level, awareness has been created about land law.Transparency and accountability have been ensured.
It has been seen that on one side of the land office there is a mosque for prayers and on all sides there is a garden of mango, banyan and acacia trees.Talking to Md Harun on the verandah of the office, he said,I have been able to register the land office and submit the rent only with the prescribed fee.He said that if this change continues,the country will move forward.Not only Harun but also Mamtaz Ahmed from Shamlapur area who came to the land office.He said that he felt better when he came to the land office.The use of picturesque buildings as well as official staff seems to have changed.According to him, we, the customers,expect such services. Asked about this Baharchara Land Deputy Assistant Officer Abdul Jabbar said,Any government official can do any work if the existing government allocation and the will of the officer and his desire to serve the people Office.The touch of change has come. Services development will continue he said.

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