Cox’s Bazar Industry and Trade Fair came to the fore

Jafor Alam,Cox’s Bazar,

Cox’s Bazar Industrial and Trade Fair came to the fore during the Corona period. Cox’s Bazar Journalists Union, Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad Cox’s Bazar District Unit and Cox’s Bazar Chamber of Commerce and Industry have jointly organized the fair.The ribbon-cutting fair was inaugurated on Thursday (December 10th) afternoon at the tourist golf course adjacent to the Cox’s Bazar International Cricket Stadium.Cox’s Bazar Municipality Awami League office secretary Shahed Ali, co-chairman of the fair management committee, district Jatiya Krishak Party president Mosharraf Hossain Dulal, municipal Awami League youth and sports affairs secretary Nasir Uddin, 9th ward Awami League president Zahirul Quader Bhutto, 8th ward were present. Awami League president Shahnewaz Chowdhury, fair management committee leaders Rasedul Islam Dalim, Khorshed Alam, Gias Uddin Chowdhury, Md Karim, Nafis Iqbal, Jasim Uddin and Riaz Hossain respectively.No event was held at the inauguration of the fair keeping in mind the issue of Corona.The organizers of the fair said that no one will be allowed to enter the fair without a mask. Two disinfection machines have been installed at the entrance gate. Extensive security has been taken around the fair. Everything in the fair is being monitored round the clock by 32 CCTV cameras.Turning to the fair, it is seen that at the entrance of the fair, visitors are greeted by a huge magnificent gate built in a royal manner. This time there are 104 different stalls of small and cottage industries in the fair.There are 16 pavilions of various famous local companies.Among them, the Premier Pavilion, General Pavilion, Mini Pavilion, Premier Stall, General Stall, Children’s Entertainment Rides, Food Store and many more are attracting the attention of the visitors.This time there is a lot of difference in many cases.A variety of exceptional assorted rides including Twist, Lambambu, Digital Carousel, Electric Boat, Water Boat, Water Ball, Digital Train, Jumping Slipper, Car Racing have been brought.All the high quality brands including RFL, Vision, Walker, Italiano, Compi, Home Textile, Iranian Gold have come to the fair. As well as buying clothes of your choice, there are all kinds of shoes from the Walker brand that are comfortable for the feet. The huge stall at Marine City Megamart will have everything you need. Fashion Zone, an online-based company, has opened a stall selling women’s cosmetics and outerwear.This stall has everything for women at an affordable price.This time there is a difference in the food at the fair.Yogurt blisters are a special attraction this time.If you go to the fair ground, the famous spiritual ritual of Sylhet will attract everyone. Because this ritual is quite an exception in taste and taste.The fair also has various arrangements for the entertainment of adults.There will be magic exhibitions, magazine programs and various other events.In addition, temporary prayer centers and several hygienic toilets have been set up in the fair premises.Shahed Ali Shahed, co-chairman of the Cox’s Bazar Industry and Trade Fair Management Committee, said all measures have been taken to ensure hygiene during the coronation period.You must have a mask to enter the fair. Two state-of-the-art disinfection machines have been installed at the entrance.Chairman Mashedul Haque Rashed, Member Secretary Councilor Salauddin Setu, Co-Chairman Councilor Kazi Morshed Ahmed Babu, Co-Chairman Shahed Ali Shahed and Chief Coordinator Nasir Uddin have invited everyone to enjoy the fair regularly.

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